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barbie girl bleeding love
baby roar
last christmas alejandro
halo call me maybe
stronger burn
hot in here papadise city
we found love its like that
in da club feed the world
grenade dreams
so what ice ice baby
mad world payphone
i have nothing santa baby
in my head sexy love
wake me up anything
diddy right round

dirty die young
believe blurred lines
suit and tie oh my gosh
hella good take me out
milkshake airplanes
brown sugar waterfalls
on the floor boomerang
apologize ride on time
wonderwall what is love
buddy holly how do i live
pupple haze gold digger
i used to know wonderland
summer of 69 mr brightside
hurt firestarter
roxanne feel so close

alive 22
sign your name jet pilot
hey jude im not afraid
fields of gold teardrop
legs Waterloo
toxic rockstar
the power jammin
jailhouse your song
steamy windows changes
give it away bad medicine
superstition come on eileen
dog days tonight
bring me to life gin and juice
crazy she wolf
clown skyfall
yellow use somebody
one noone knows
the ace of spades war pigs
crazy yesterday
maggie zombie